if you ever want to hear the neon genesis evangelion theme at any time just call 309-889-0497



i just set it up and it seems to be working

if you’re at the club and someone asks for your number just give them this

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ppl who constantly radiate bad vibes are so exhausting like how are you always so that way

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there are tears in my eyes 

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The worst thing is when people post and I see I can reply, because I have absolutely no word filter when it comes to replying. 90% of what I reply to comes off as half-affectionate, half-bullying.

Selfies 6x. Not tagging anyone. You do what you want. Follow your heart!

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I could be drawing right now

me every single minute of the day 24/7 (via yuunachi)

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"Hey remember that time you…"

Yes. I remember every embarrassing thing I have ever done and chances are it keeps me up at night

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I call my style “I wear some variation of the same 4 outfits because everything else makes me dysphoric”

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scanned the 80s stickers i posted a couple weeks ago so everybody can enjoy them
high resolution →


scanned the 80s stickers i posted a couple weeks ago so everybody can enjoy them

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I stumbled upon a tumblr today that helps writers accurately represent characters with racial / nationalistic / religious / sexual orientation (and so on) differences than their own.

The site allows you to submit your own experiences and/or get into contact with others that have in order to enhance the depiction of characters in your creative writing.

What a great idea!

Diversity Cross Check

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